Q- Explain the characteristics of a standardised test.


Solutions –  A psychological test is an standardised and objective instrument which can be used in various setting to measure various aspects of daily life including your mental health scenarios, personallity, attitiude, behaviour etc. 

Characteristics of the standardised test are as follows- 

  • Reliability –  this refers to the tendnecy of scores being consistent  at two different occassions,. 

For example – if  group of 30 people gives a test today and received  scores then this score should be consistent next time whenever the test is conducted again. If the test is reliable there shouldnt be any variation in the scores acquired by the group on two different occasions. 

  • Validity – it refers to the fact the test measures what it claims to measure. 

For example – if you made a test that is supposed to measure the intelligence of people then it should not measure the attitude or behaviour. Thus a test will be said an standardized test when it is valid 

  • Norms – when these norms( normal average performance of the group ) are developed ones test is said to be standardized. 

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