Q- Explain the nature of psychological data



  • Psychologists tend to collect much information from diverse sources and they all are known as data. This data is the information related to the individuals behaviour, thoughts and mental processes. Its an important input in psychological researches

  • Data is not at all free from the physical and social contexts, for example have you noticed yourself you behave differently in group and differently when alon , or you behave so friendly with your best friend and behave differently wth other classmates. 

  • There are different methods of data collection that influence the nature and type of data for example- experimental method, interview, observation  etc. but the nature of data does not speak about the reality itself.

  • There are different types of data following are its types –

  1. Demographic information–  this is personal data inclusive of the name, age, gender, class , birth of date, number of siblings etc. 

  2. Physical information – it includes data about the ecological conditions like hilly/forest/plain/desert. Economy, housing conditions etc..

  3. Physiological informationit include data about the physical, physiological and psychological nature. Height, weight, eeg, blood oxygent level etc.

  4. Psychological information data or information related to the personality, interest, values , attitude etc. 

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