Q-What are the ethical guidelines that a psychologist needs to follow while conducting a psychological enquiry?


Solution – Psychological research is concerned with human behaviour and thus the researchers and psychologists are strictly said to follow the ethical guidelines.

Ethical guidelines are – 

  1. Voluntary participation– the principle states that the subject that you want to conduct study should have the choice to decide whether to participate or not. They must have the freedom of choice to be a part or not of the research. 
  2. Informed consent Participants should have an idea of what will happen to them during the research. This principle is based on the fact that the participants must receive information about the research or study. For example – if an electric shock is to be administered to the participant then the participant must be informed beforehand. 
  3. Debriefing – it is the principle that the participant must be provided with the information at the end of the research. It is also ensured that the participants must leave in the same physical and mental state they entered. 
  4. Sharing the results of the study – after the data is collected they can be used to draw conclusions and results. Its the moral duty of the researcher to go back to the participants and share the results of the study. 
  5. Confidentiality of the data source the participants have the right to privacy. They have full authority to keep their information safe. One must maintain confidentiality, it is the moral obligation of the researcher to keep information private of the subjects.  

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