Q-What is development? How is it different from growth and maturation?



  •  Development – it’s the pattern of progressive, orderly and predictable changes that begin at conception and continue throughout life. It is a broader term in the sense that it consists of growth along with various developments for example socio-emotional development or cognitive development etc.  development is the process by which an individual grows and changes throughout the life cycle.

  • Growth- It refers to the physical change of the body or increase in the size of the body parts of organisms as a whole. It is majorly visible for example – height, weight etc.

  • Maturation –  refers to the changes that follow an orderly sequential pattern moreover they are largely dictated by the genetic blueprint which produces common links in our development and growth. 

I have the best example for you – 

 please answer these-

  •  can 1-year infant walk and talk?

  •  can they perform gross and fine motor skills? 

I feel most of you will agree they can not. And it is because of the fact that their organs aren’t mature enough. When time is correct these activities or functions are displayed themselves. 

Infant can walk and run by 2-3 years of age and they acquire fine and gross motor activities by the age of 4-5. Thus this is dictated by genetic blueprint and until and unless maturation is achieved child can not perform them on their own. 

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