Ankit Lal Karn  ACW Accounts At EDUMARZ

If the trial balance is not tallied. We can conclude that some error has occurred.

These errors are needed to be located and corrected before preparing a financial statement.

The accountant should take the following steps if the trial balance does not match:-

  1. Recast the total debit and credit of the trial balance.

  2. The account head and amount of the ledger must match with the respective ledger.

  3. Compare current year trial balance with previous year, to check if some account is added or deleted.

  4. Check the correctness of the balance of each ledger account.

  5. Check the correctness of posting from original books.

  6. If there is a difference in the debit and credit column which is divisible by two, then one-half of that amount may be posted on the wrong side. For example -If the debit side of the trial balances 2000rs more than its credit side, then it is possible that 1000rs extra is debited.

  7. This difference also indicates that there may be a complete omission. Maybe 2000rs is completely omitted to be recorded on credit side.

  8. If the difference is divisible by 9 or multiple of 9 , then there may be the transposition of figures, for example – If a debit amount was 549 ,but it was posted as 945 . 

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