Sharad has attended a press conference where the issue of ragging in schools and colleges was discussed. He took some notes, which he later expanded into a newspaper report. Write the essay in not more than 120 words. (Bullying/ragging prevalent in schools and colleges, victims – shy and quiet children from rural and small towns, Initiators – senior students generally in groups, Result – trauma/physical/mental abuse/sometimes death, Punishment – suspension / rigorous imprisonment)


                                                  Ragging: A Social Concern.

                                                               By Sharad.

                                                          XYZ Newspaper.

12 January 2022, Delhi; A press conference was held yesterday, and many influential people attended the meeting, discussing Raging issues in schools and Colleges. In the meeting, Ragging was defined as a major social issue that needed serious attention. It has been seen in most educational institutions that ragging is still practised and is very common. Most victims of such bullying are shy and quiet children or children from rural or small towns. The senior students generally in groups come and bully junior students, sometimes even physically abusing them. This all leads to several mental issues and trauma among the victims. It has been reported the ragging victims can also get subjected to death or even suicide at the hands of bullies. In the conference, the issue was intensely discussed.

 A decision was made to provide mental counselling guidance to students, especially the victims, and punish the bullies by suspending them or sending them to rigorous imprisonment.

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