State any two conditions essential for being free of disease.


-Suchismita, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: The important conditions essential for being disease free environment- 

  1. Maintaining personal hygiene and having balance diet

  • Maintaining personal hygiene keeps us away from being infected by any disease.

  •  To achieve the greatest health benefits and  to improve the  hygiene  one should  make  improvements in the water supply and sanitation concurrently.

  •  Personal hygiene is very important.

  •  Washing hands and body every day and after every meal will help to get a bacteria free environment also.

  • Having a balanced diet means having a proper nutritious diet i.e. having a good amount of carbohydrates, protein and fats. 

  • All should present in definite proportions.

  1. Should maintain community hygiene

  • Maintaining community hygiene means the environment should be clear and proper hygienic to survive in that area. 

  •  The environment around the living must be clean and hygienic. That is it must be free of any type of garbage either biodegradable or non – biodegradable.

  •  There should not be any growth of insects, flies or any more organisms which are harmful for our survival. There should not be any water bodies which are filled with waste or any ground filled with waste.

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