State any two conditions essential for good health.


-Suchismita, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz 

Solution: Conditions essential for good health are – 

  1. Physical,social and mental well being

  2. Being in a good environment.

So, what do we mean by physical, social and mental wellness, i.e. physically fit there should not be any disease infecting that individual. 

Mental wellness means mentally the individual should be strong, logical enough to handle any kind of tough situation. The individual must have the ability to make decisions, act consciously about any situation and should have the ability of logical thinking. 

And for social well being , the individual should be presentable to society , the individual should behave properly with others in society , should show some respect among each other and should be able to socialize himself with others.

And for being in a good environment means you should live in a hygienic areaThe environment around the living must be clean and hygienic. That is it must be free of any type of garbage either biodegradable or non – biodegradable. There should not be any growth of insects, flies or any more organisms which are harmful for our survival. There should not be any water bodies which are filled with waste or any ground filled with waste. 

These are two important features for any individual to live in a healthy environment.

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