State of Health Infrastructure


A health infrastructure which has developed ensures that a nation of strong and healthy manpower for the goods and services production. This also involves advanced machinery, specialist doctors, nurses and other medical professionals and developed pharmaceutical industries. 

The goals of the health infrastructure involve federal, state, Tribal, Territorial health agencies have the infrastructure which is needed to provide basic health services to the public.

All public health services rely upon on basic infrastructure presence. Public health programs such as immunization, infection monitoring, asthma and cancer prevention require the aid of qualified health professionals and public health infrastructure with all its right capacity can deliver to such needs. Public Infrastructure has provided services which have been explained comprehensively:

  1. Monitoring health status in order to identify and clear community health problems.
  2. Diagnosing and probing health hazards and problems of the community.
  3. Growing policies and plan which put forth the individual and community health efforts.
  4. Assuring the public that the workforce of the private and the public healthcare are competent.

Evaluation of Efficiency, Effectivity, accessibility and the quality of private and public-based health services.

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