State which of the following situations are possible and give an example for each of these:


 -Shresthi Goyal, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz 

(a) an object with a constant acceleration but with zero velocity

It is Possible, as when a ball is thrown upwards, it reaches its maximum height where velocity becomes zero, but it has constant acceleration ,i.e. , acceleration due to gravity , which is equals to 9 .8 m/s² 

(b) an object moving with an acceleration but with uniform speed.

It is impossible, as acceleration means change in speed per unit time. So, if speed is constant, acceleration also becomes zero.

(c) An object moving in a certain direction with an acceleration in the perpendicular direction.

It is possible, as when a car is accelerating on a circular track, then the acceleration is perpendicular to the direction.

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