Teenagers often feel confused. They face a lot of pressure from various quarters. Write an article in 120-150 words, on ‘Stress the teenager’s face’. You are Rani/Rama.


                                                         “Stress The Teenager’s Face”

                                                                         By:- Rama

The teen stage of one’s life is filled with stress and anxiety. This is because it is that stage of our life when we face a host of novel problems and pressures from various quarters.

To start with teenagers experience many significant physical changes and at times they find it difficult to cope with their bodies that grow and develop rapidly.

Combined with this is social pressure, peer pressure and parental pressure. Most teenagers feel that academic concerns feature at the top of their list of stress stimulants. Worries about their future, the tension to attain good grades and cut-throat competition cause teenagers to experience an inordinate amount of stress.

The stress that teenagers face today may vary from academic pressure, physical appearances, peer pressure etc. but these issues can be dealt with if parents and guardians understand these problems and approach them in a positive and friendly manner. Proper guidance is vital especially in this very formative phase in the life of children so that they can grow up to be confident and optimistic adults. Finally teenagers need to develop assertive-ness, training skills and learn practical coping skills. They should always feel good about doing a competent job rather than demanding perfection from themselves and others.

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