The anther contains (a) sepals. (b) ovules. (c) pistil. (d) pollen grains.


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Solution: Anther contain pollen grains

Pollen grains: pollen grains can be found in the anther which is a male reproductive organ of flowers. Pollen grains are minute bodies with various shapes and structures. These pollen grains can be found in seed bearing plants. Pollen grains are haploid microspores that contain cytoplasm along with tube cells that are formed into pollen tubes and also contain generating cells which release the sperm nuclei. Pollen grains are produced by mitosis

Pollen grains are transported to the female reproductive organ of the flower that is ovary by various means like wind, water, birds and by insects.

Study of pollen grains is called palynology.


                         Anther containing pollen grains

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