The gap between two neurons is called a (a) dendrite. (b) synapse. (c) axon. (d) impulse.


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Solution: b) Synapse

The junction between two neurons is defined as synapse. Nerve impulses are conducted from one of these neurons to the other, and this involves the synapse. The transmitting neuron is called the presynaptic cell, and the receiving neuron, the postsynaptic cell. The synaptic cleft is 0.2-20 nm wide and is filled with synaptic fluid. The end of the transmitter neuron has a small synaptic bulb, that is formed by swelling of this terminal. Conduction of nerve impulses cannot occur without the involvement of synapses. For chemical conduction, chemicals called neurotransmitters are required (eg. acetylcholine). At electrical synapses, electrical current flows from one neuron to another through these gaps. Transmission of impulses through synapses follow a one-way traffic.

Neurotransmitters travelling through synapse

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