The number of women in the police force seems insufficient especially when we see the increasing involvement of women in terrorist activities. Write an article in 150-200 words for The Hindustan Chronicle’, on the need of having more women in the police force.


-Yogita, Academic Content Writer

                                                        Need of Women in Police Force

                                                                           By: Abc

Having more women in the Police Force means proper law enforcement and better response to the community. Nowadays, it’s very common to see that the number of women who are more active in terrorist activities is way more as compared to the number of women in any of the forces. Their number is abysmally low in the Police Forces when they are the major portion of our workforce. To combat this situation we need more women in the Police Force. They not only play a critical role in forming a police organization but also in addressing gender-based violence. It affects women as well as children sometimes, as they do not feel free to open up in front of male police officers. Therefore the women force is required to understand the grievances of the victims properly and teach the security challenges faced by women. It is a local custom to recruit men in such forces but we cannot deny the fact that the number of women is increasing in criminal activities. Hence, recruitment of women in Police Forces should take place more actively. Despite the hidden barriers, women should be given a chance to enter the force through proper relevant training.

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