Those public sector undertakings which are making profits should be privatised. Do you agree with this view? why?


An efficient and profit earning Public sector undertakings is a revenue generator for the government. But if a PSU is an inefficient and loss making one then the same PSU exerts unnecessary burden on the governments scarce revenues and further may lead to budget deficit. The loss making PSUs should be privatized whereas it would not be fair to privatize a profit making PSU. Privatizing a PSU may lead to concentration of monopoly power in the private hands. Further some of the PSUs like water railways etc. enhance the welfare of the nation and are meant to serve the public at a very nominal cost. Privatization of such important PSUs will lead to loss of welfare of poor people. Hence only less important PSUs should be privatized while leaving the core and important PSUs to be owned by the public sector. Instead of privatization of profit-making PSUs, the government can allow more degree of autonomy and accountability in their operations which will not only increase their productivity and efficiency but also enhance their competitiveness with their private counterparts.

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