University of East London: All you need to know

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The University of East London is a private University, located in the London Borough of Newham, London. The University is also known as UEL. The article provides information about the University, Courses offered, tuition fees, admission procedures, campuses, and accommodation.

Table of Contents

  1. Details about the University
  2. University of East London Courses offered and Tuition fees
  3. University of East London Admission procedure
  4. University of East London University scholarships
  5. University of East London Contact details

Details about the University

One of East London’s best universities, the University of East London has been breaking new ground since 1898. Originally founded in 1898 as West Ham Technical Institute, the university attained university status in 1992. The University is committed to helping students develop the abilities, emotional intelligence, and creativity necessary to flourish in a rapidly changing world. Its motto is ‘’knowledge, fulfillment of promises’’. The college offered classes in science, engineering, and the arts. It also created its internal degree programs in engineering and science, which the University of London approved. There was also a women’s department at the University of East London.


The University of East London University


London, United Kingdom


1898: West Ham Technical Institute

1952: West Ham College of Technology

1970: North East London Polytechnic

1992: gained University (UEL)


Knowledge and the fulfillment of the vows







Association of Commonwealth Universities

Universities UK



University of East London Courses offered and Tuition fees

  • The University provided courses in science, engineering, and art, and also established its internal degree courses in science and engineering. It offers both graduate and undergraduate courses including Masters and Ph.D. For admission to the University, candidates must pass the IELTS and PTE entrance exams.
  • There are 28 programs in disciplines like Health care, English, psychology, computing, public health, architecture, and more available for candidates to choose from. Candidates may enroll at any of the following seven institutions:
  1. Psychology
  2. Health sport and Bioscience
  3. Royal Cocks School of Business, and Law
  4. Graduate School
  5. Architecture, Computing, and Engineering
  6. Art and Creative Industries
  7. School of Education and Communities


Number of Courses


Tuition Fees

B.E/B. Tech

16  courses

3-4 years

Rs 12.9L-13.26L


3  courses

3 years

Rs 12.39L-13.93


2  courses

3 years

Rs 13.51L 


1  course

3 years

Rs 13.93L


7  courses

12 months – 3 years

Rs 11.12L- 16.43L


19  courses

12 months- 2 years

Rs 13.87L- 14.97L


8  courses

12 months -1 year



5  courses

1 year – 2 years

Rs 13.38L-14.78L


4  courses

12 months – 2 years

Rs 13.99L-14.97L


2 courses

12 months -1 year

Rs 13.26L-14.11L


1 course

2 years

Rs 14.48L

University of East London Admission procedure

  • There are three admissions cycles at the University of East London: January, March, and September, depending on the intake and the course candidates applied for. The application period for overseas students seeking undergraduate degrees through UCAS opens in mid-May, and the deadline for the majority of undergraduate programs is January 15. The deadline is October 15 for the majority of courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science. In September, institutions begin making their admissions decisions.
  • The University of East London advises applicants to submit their applications as early as possible because there are few seats available for various courses and admission is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications submitted earlier have a better chance of being accepted.

Stepwise Application procedure

Step 1: Candidates will begin the process by selecting the appropriate program.

Step 2: Next, they must review both the general requirements for admission and the requirements particular to their programs of study.

Step 3: Applicants will submit their applications, either through UCAS or directly from the university website.

Step 4: After accepting an offer, applicants will submit a deposit through the application portal.

Step 5: Following receipt of the CAS letter, applicants will submit applications for a student visa and housing.

University of East London University scholarships

  • International students can apply for a variety of scholarships from the University of East London. Students may be eligible to receive scholarships worth between GBP 1,000 and GBP 4,000, depending on the course they are applying for. These scholarships are included in the offer letter and are awarded on the first year’s tuition expenses. Each application is evaluated for eligibility.
  • International students are needed to apply, along with a personal statement and other supporting materials, for some application-based scholarships. Alumni Scholarships are available to foreign students who have previously attended the University of East London and earned a degree from the institution. Under this, students are eligible to obtain scholarships that will reduce their tuition costs by 10%.
  • Few course-specific scholarships exist; international students may consult with the relevant departments for more information.

University of East London Contact details

University of East London 

Address: University of East London, University Way, London, E16 2RD, United Kingdom


Telephone: +44 (0) 208 223 3333


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