Were there any positive contributions made by the British in India?Discuss.


Yes, the British in India made various positive contributions. The contributions were not intentional but purely the effects of colonial exploitation of the British. The following are the positive contributions made by the British:  

 (i)  Introduction of Railways: The introduction of railways by the British was a breakthrough in the development process of the Indian economy. It opened up the cultural and geographical barriers and facilitated commercialization of Indian agriculture.   (ii)  Introduction of Commercialization of Agriculture: The introduction of commercial agriculture is an important breakthrough in the history of Indian agriculture. Prior to the advent of the British, Indian agriculture was of subsistence nature. However, with the commercialization of agriculture, the agricultural production was carried out as per the market  requirements. It was due to this factor that today India can aim at attaining self-sufficiency in food grains production.    

 (iii)  Introduced Free Trade to India: The British forced India to follow the free trade pattern during colonial rule. This is the key concept of globalization today. The free trade provided domestic industry with a platform to compete with the Britain industries. The introduction of free trade led to an increase in the volume of India’s exports rapidly.    

(iv)  Development of Infrastructure: The infrastructure developed in India by the British proved  to be a useful tool to check the spread of famines. The telegram and postal services served the Indian public.  

 (v)  Promoted Western Culture: English as a language promoted westernized form of education. The English language acted as a window to the outside world. This has integrated India with the rest of the world.

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