Westernisation is often just about adoption of western attire and life style.Are there other aspects to being westernised? Or is that about modernisation? Discuss.


Solution:There were various types of westernization. One kind refers to the creation of a westernized sub-cultural pattern among a small group of Indians who were exposed to Western culture for the first time. This featured a subculture of Indian intellectuals who not only accepted but also encouraged the spread of several cognitive patterns, or ways of thinking, and lifestyles. This was true of many reformers in the early nineteenth century. As a result, there were tiny groups of people who adopted western lifestyles or were influenced by western thought.Aside from that, there has been a general spread of Western cultural elements such as the usage of modern technology, clothing, food, and general changes in people’s habits and styles. In the living room, a large percentage of middle-class homes feature a television, a refrigerator, some form of sofa set, a dining table, and a chair.

The imitation of external forms of culture is a part of Westernisation. It does not imply that people will accept modern democratic and egalitarian ideas. The west inspired Indian art and literature in addition to methods of life and thought. Ravi Varma, Abanindranath Tagore, Chandu Menon, and Bankimchandra Chattopadhya were among the artists who grappled with the colonial encounter

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