What are fossils ? What do they tell us about the process of evolution ?


Haritha,Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution:Fossils are the dead and decaying remains of living organisms.When living organisms die,their body parts start to decompose.In some cases, these body parts did not decompose completely, and this formed the fossils.For example, when a dead insect gets covered by hot soil, it does not decompose easily and this soil gets thickened. Body parts of insects hold parts of insects and this preserved structure is considered a fossil.Fossil evidence is used to identify the process of formation of organisms from their ancestors.



Evolution is the process of the formation of new species or existing species becoming more adapted to their surroundings by changing themselves.

Dating of fossil fuels

There are two components of estimation of fossils.The first component is digging into the earth and finding different fossils.The fossils identified in the surface layers are the recently formed fossils and lately formed fossils present in the deeper layers.Second component is identification of ratios of different types of isotopes of same element in fossils.

Radioactive dating

It is the method of dating carried out on rocks and minerals with the help of radioactive isotopes. For dating elements, the radioactivity property of elements is mostly used and the radioactive parent element breaks into daughter elements.

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