What are outside raw materials used for by an organism?


Anitha Dunga : Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution : The raw material required by the organism depends on the complexity of the organism and also depends on its environment.

Most organisms use food as the outside raw material for its life process

  • Food is the source of energy that any animal has to take from the outside environment. We take carbohydrates for energy sources, proteins for body building and fats for some other functions. 

  • There are some essential food materials that are needed by our body for survival and some non essential food materials that can be synthesized by our body with the help of essential food materials. 

  • Organisms need some minerals and some vitamins that can be taken through diet which are needed for the physiological processes of our body.

  •  Also we need enzymes for the certain functions to be done in our body that can be taken from outside as raw material.

Also oxygen is the raw material that is required for our body is taken from the outside environment by the processes of respiration.

  • Oxygen is needed by our body to perform certain physiological functions and also oxygen is required for the purification of the body.

  • Carbon Dioxide and oxygen diffuse from the blood and blood gets purified. This purified blood is transported to all parts of the body.


                                   Raw material needed for our body

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