What are some kinds of changes brought about by technology and the economy?


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edmarz

Solution : 1. Massive social changes have resulted from the combination of technological and economic transformation, particularly in the contemporary period.

2.Technology has a wide range of effects on society. As previously said, it can assist us in resisting, controlling, adapting to, or harnessing nature in a variety of ways. When combined with the market’s enormous power, technical progress can have the same social impact as natural disasters such as a tsunami or the finding of oil.

3.The invention of steam power provided new types of large-scale industry with a source of energy that was not only far more powerful than animals or humans capable of continuous activity without requiring rest.

4.Modes of transportation such as steam, ship, and railways changed the world’s economy and social geography.

5.The rail and road networks facilitated the westward growth of industry and trade on the American continent and in Asia. Railways have also had a significant influence in developing the economy of India, particularly in the first century after its debut in 1853.

6.Ocean expeditions became significantly faster and more reliable thanks to steamships. International trade and migration patterns are shifting. Both of these events sent huge waves of change through global  civilization, affecting not only the economy but also the social, cultural, and demographic elements.

7.Gunpowder contributed to modify battlefield technology and the paper-print revolution changed society forever from that vantage point, given the advantage of enabling circumstances.

8.Changes in economic organizations that aren’t directly technological can sometimes have an impact on society. Plantation agriculture, which entails the large-scale cultivation of single cash crops such as sugarcane, tea, or cotton, is a well-known historical example.

9.Tea plantations in Assam, India, also entailed forced labour migration from Eastern India (specially the Adivasi areas of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh).

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