What are some of the challenges to social order in urban areas?


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution : The majority of social order difficulties in metropolitan places are related to space.’ This is due to the high population density, which causes logistical issues. Some of these difficulties are as follows:

(I) The growth of housing, transportation, land use, and public utilities such as sanitation, policing, and urban governance are all linked to space management.

(ii) Inadequate housing facilities lead to homelessness and the growth of slums in congested and overcrowded areas with inadequate facilities.

(iii) Issues with law and order as a result of criminal activity in slums. The main reason for this is that slum owners’ property rights are unclear.

(iv) People of many classes, castes, religions, and ethnicities live in urban residential colonies, which adds to the diversity.

(v) Gated or rich communities are divided from their surroundings by walls and gates, and they operate their own parallel water, power, policing, and security systems.

(vi) Transportation is hampered by large distances between residential, industrial, and commercial locations. People rely on private transportation, causing traffic and pollution.

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