What are some of the different forms that the family can take?


Solution : The family is a crucial social institution. It has a post to execute in either form, nudear or expanded. Many changes have occurred in the structure recently, for example, individuals engaged in the software business have unusual working hours, and grandparents have stepped in as caretakers to the young.

A family can be led by a man or a woman, and descent can be traced back to either the mother or the father. The family’s form and composition are influenced by a variety of factors, including the economics, politics, culture, and education.

Changes in family structure that we are seeing today could be the result of a variety of factors.

(i)Marriage of the same sex

(ii)Marriage of love

However, history and current events indicate that such changes are met with violent retaliation.

A nuclear family : It is made up of a single pair of parents and their offspring.

Extended Family: It is made up of more than one couple and, in many cases, more than two generations. India is typified by the extended family.

Different types of families-

 (i) Matrilocal-patrilocal (based on residence)

(ii) Matrilineal and patrilineal inheritance (based on rules of inheritance)

(iii) The patriarchal and matriarchal systems (based on authority)

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