What are some of the rules that the caste system imposes?


Solution : The following are the most widely reported norms imposed by the caste system:

  • Caste is determined at birth; a kid receives its parents’ “bom information,” or caste. It is impossible to change one’s caste, quit it, or refuse to join it.
  • ¬†Being a member of a caste entails adhering to rigorous marital restrictions. Caste groups are “endogamous,” meaning that only members of the group can marry.
  • Food and food sharing regulations must be followed by members of a given caste.
  • Caste involves a hierarchy of rank and status, and an individual born into a caste could only practise the occupation connected with that caste, hence occupations were hereditary. Every individual has a caste. Every caste has its own caste system. Every caste has a specific place in the caste structure.
  • Castes are divided into sub-castes within themselves. Sub-castes can sometimes have sub-castes, i.e. segmental organization.

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