What are the advantages of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction?


Bhawna bhardwaj ,subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution-  Sexual reproduction involves two parents’s, one male and the other is female. Sexual reproduction combines the genetic material of two individuals, one is male and the other is female due to which the offsprings have a lot of variations. Whereas ,In asexual reproduction,single parent is involved.DNA of only one parent copied in asexual reproduction,due which there is very low variations in offspring.

                              Due to a lot of variations, sexual reproduction allows species to change to more advanced forms from generation to generation and speed up the process of evolution. On the other hand, asexual reproduction does not allow a species to change much from one generation to the next and hence evolution occurs at a very, very slow rate.

BackgroundReproduction is the process of producing a new organism from the existing organism of the same species.

  • Reproduction is the essential process for the continuity of life on earth.

  • Reproduction is of two types,  Asexual reproduction, and Sexual reproduction.

  • In Asexual reproduction, only one parent is involved. The generation of offspring occurs without the involvement of gametes.

  • In sexual reproduction, two individuals are involved, one male and the other is female. The production of new organisms from two parents by making use of their gametes.

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