What are the basic elements of the survey method? What is the chief advantage of this method?


-Anushree Ojha, Subject Matter Expert at Edmarz

Solution: The following are the basic features of the survey method:

(i) Survey is the most effective method for investigating a vast area.

(ii) The majority of it is based on random sampling.

(iii) These samplings are done in such a way that each layer and attribute of the community is represented.

(iv) To avoid bias, random sampling is desirable.

(v) The sampling method employs procedures such as interviews and questionnaires.

(vi) The respondent can fill out the questionnaire at home and mail it to the sociologist, or the sociologist can go to the respondent and complete the questionnaire.

(vii) The questionnaire can be completed and emailed.

(viii) The interview might be done over the phone or online.


The following are its primary advantages: 

(i) The survey method is the most well-known sociological method. When a census is not possible, a survey method is employed instead.

(ii) It uses sampling to provide an accurate image of the community.

(iii) Less time and money is spent compared to census or participant observation.

(iv) It presents a realistic picture based on group representativeness rather than solitary individuals.

(v) Many issues are visible at this level that are not visible at the micro level of investigation.

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