What are the characteristics of the particles of matter?



-Pooja Sharma, Subject matter expert at Edumarz



Matter is any substance that has mass and volume. 

Matter is made up of small tiny particles which can be an atom or molecule.

The characteristics of these particles of matter are:

1. The tiny particles can exist independently without the help of other molecules. Example: Drop of water of molecule of water can exist or is stable without second molecule of water 

2. These tiny particles have space in between them and the amount of space between them decreases from solids, liquids to gases. Example: sugar molecules adjust themselves in between the molecules of    milk.

3. No atom or molecule or compound is at absolute zero or stationary in this world and the tiny particles of matter are also in continuous motion. Motion can be vibratory, rotatory, bending, twisting etc.

4. Since these particles are made of atoms containing nucleus and electrons they tend to attract each other and the amount of attraction increases from gases to liquids to solids.


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