What are the different factors that have enabled certain groups to transform themselves into new wealthy, entrepreneurial, dominant classes? Can you think of an example of this transformation in your state?


Solution : Some groups have been able to turn themselves into new rich, enterprising, and dominant classes as a result of a variety of causes. These elements are discussed further down –

1.Land ownership: Those from the upper castes and classes who grew wealthy purchased large tracts of land and used all of the modern farming practices to increase agricultural productivity, thereby becoming wealthy and gaining control of society.

2.Access to property and assets: In comparison to the other castes, the Upper and Middle castes would be wise to gain access to land and assets, which would make them powerful and privileged. This had far-reaching implications for rural society.

3.The Green Revolution ushered in significant changes. It was a government programme for agro modernization that was sponsored by international organizations. Because the information sources were so expensive that minor farmers couldn’t afford to spend so much, only the medium and large farmers were able to benefit from the Green Revolution at first.

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