What are the different methods of contraception?


Bhawna Bhardwaj ,Subject matter expert at Edumarz

Solution – There are various types of contraception methods-

  • Barrier methods

  • Chemical methods

  • Copper -T

  • Surgical methods

1. Barrier method-Barrier methods include physical devices such as condoms and diaphragms. Condoms are used by males. Diaphragms are used by females.  Condoms and diaphragm prevent the sperm from meeting the ovum by acting as a barrier between them.

2. Chemical methods-CHemical methods include oral pills.  The oral pills are taken by females. Oral pills contain hormones that stop the ovaries from releasing the ovum into the oviduct.

3. Copper -T– Copper -T is the T-shaped device that is placed inside the uterus by the doctor.Copper -T prevents the implantation of the zygote in the uterus.  Copper-t is called intrauterine devices.

4. Surgical methods-Surgical methods are available for both males and females.

            In males, a small portion of the vas deferens is removed by surgical method, and both the cut ends are joined properly. This prevents the sperms from coming out. This method is carried out in males and it is called vasectomy.

In females, a small portion of the fallopian tubes are cut and the cut ends are tied properly. This prevents the ovum from entering the fallopian tubes. This method is carried out in females and it is called tubectomy.

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