What are the different ways in which glucose is oxidised to provide energy in various organisms?


Bhawna Bhardwaj , subject matter expert at Edumarz.

Solution : Glucose can be oxidized in three ways to provide energy in the different organisms:-

 Firstly glucose converts into pyruvate in the cytoplasm by the process of glycolysis, then pyruvate converts in three ways in different organisms.

Alcoholic Fermentation -In this, pyruvate is a breakdown in ethanol,carbon dioxide, and some amount of energy is also produced. It occurs in the absence of oxygen in organisms like yeast.

Lactic acid fermentation -It occurs when there is a lack of oxygen like when we do heavy exercise,  there is a lack of oxygen in our muscles cells. In this pyruvate breaks down in lactic acid and some amount of energy is also produced. 

Aerobic respiration -It occurs in the presence of oxygen in the mitochondria of almost all this pyruvate is converted into carbon dioxide, water and a large amount of energy is also produced.  



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