What are the difficulties that you would face in classification of animals, if common fundamental features are not taken into account?


-Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz.

Solution: If common fundamental morphological characteristics are not considered while classifying the animals, then segregating the animals in different groups will be a tough task and each organism will be placed in a separate group and the entire objective of classification would not be achieved. 

It will be like a library having all different kinds of books of history, geography, science, mathematics, philosophy and novels scattered in a random manner. Hence finding a specific book will become impossible.

Classification of animals is necessary for identifying, comparing different organisms and judging their individual evolutionary significance.

So, the whole purpose of classification of animals cannot be achieved by merely considering a single characteristic of animals or any other organisms. 

Study of different anatomical and physiological characters of an animal or orgasm is important for classification and evolutionary understanding but we cannot rely on a single aspect for classification.

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