What are the factors behind the assertion of tribal identities today?


Solution : Forced tribal community incorporation has had a devastating impact on tribal traditions and society, as well as its economics.

  • Interactional processes are now forming tribal identities.
  • Many tribal identities are based on thoughts of resistance and opposition to the overpowering force of the non-tribal world because this interactional process has not favored the tribes.
  • The positive influence of achievements, like as Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh gaining statehood, is tainted by ongoing issues. Many people in the northeastern states have been subjected to unique regulations that restrict their civil liberties. The vicious spiral of armed rebellions prompting official repression, which then drives more rebellions, has taken a toll on the culture, economics, and society of these north-eastern states.
  • The gradual growth of an educated middle class, combined with reservation policies, is resulting in an urbanized professional dass. Current bases for the declaration of tribal identity are growing as tribal communities become more differentiated, i.e. formed dass and other divisions within themselves.
  • These issues are divided into two categories: control over key economic resources such as land and, in particular, forests, and issues connected to ethnic-cultural identity. 
  • The reasons for asserting tribal identity may differ depending on the tribe’s perspective.

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