What are the functions performed by the testis in human beings?


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Solution –The testis is the primary male reproductive organ in human beings. The testis is also known as testicles. In ma, there is a pair of the testis. Testes are situated outside the abdominal cavity within a pouch called the scrotum  The scrotum helps to maintain the lower temperature of the testis which is necessary for the formation of sperm.

    Testes perform two important functions in human beings-

1. Testes make male sex gametes called sperm.

2. Testes also make the male sex hormones called testosterone.

  • Sperm is the male gamete. It is a haploid structure. It has a single set of chromosomes. In humans, sperm has 23 chromosomes.

  • Testosterone hormones bring changes that appear in boys at the time of puberty such as deeper voice, enlargement of testes and penis, beard, moustache, and more body hairs than girls. Testosterone is responsible for the growth of male genitals and the development of sperm.


  • The testis is the main male reproductive organ in human beings. Male reproductive system includes testes, male accessory ducts and glands, and male external genitalia. Male accessory ducts and glands, male external genitalia are the secondary sex organs.

  • Testes are the heterocrine gland, it has reproductive as well as an endocrine portion.

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