What are the major issues of concern to adivasis today?


Solution :The tribes were referred to as “people of the forest” because of their unique habitat in mountainous and forested areas, which shaped their economic, social, and political characteristics. There are currently no sections of the country inhabited solely by tribal people, with the exception of the North-Eastern states.

The economic and social situations of tribal people are far better than those of non-tribal people in the areas where they are concentrated.

Following independence, however, Adivasi lands were purchased for major river and dam projects. As a result, millions of Adivasis were exposed to the public without sufficient compensation or rehabilitation.

Projects like the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River and the Polavaram Dam on the Godavari River, for instance, will relocate hundreds of thousands of Adivasis. Adivasis are becoming more impoverished as a result of economic liberalization policies.

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