What  are the methods of preventing or reducing soil erosion?


-Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz.

Solution: soil erosion is a natural process where topsoil is carried away by physical sources such as wind and water and can result in ecological destruction and collapse of the soil. 

  • Along with land loss soil erosion can contribute to a dramatic rise in river contamination and sedimentation, which can again obstruct the water sources and result in low population of aquatic animals. 

  • Human activities such as farming, grazing, mining, construction and recreational activities can cause soil erosion.

Methods to prevent soil erosion 

Following methods can be used to reduce and prevent soil erosion:

  • Prevent excessive grazing 

  • Prevent deforestation 

  • Tree plantation 

  • Make an  obstruction on slope to prevent soil washing away with water

  • Mulch matting can reduce erosion on the slopes. 

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