What are the necessary conditions for autotrophic nutrition and what are its byproducts


Supriya SME at Edumrz

 SolutionAutotrophs are the producers which make their own food. And autotrophic nutrition means that simple organic substances( raw material )  are used to synthesise organic molecules. Eg. plants prepare their food by photosynthesis called photo-autotrophic nutrition and hydrogen bacteria prepare their own food with the help of chemical energy  and do not need sunlight are  called chemo-trophic nutrition.

Conditions for autotrophic nutrition:

The  required  conditions for the autotrophic nutritions are (a) carbon dioxide (b) water © chlorophyll. (d) sunlight. 

As the process of autotrophic nutrition occurs in green plants and in some bacteria, thus for the process to occur chlorophyll and the sunlight is necessary for plants because without the sun light there will be no source of energy , and without energy chlorophyll won’t be able to store energy and covert carbon dioxide and water into glucose.

Because plants use glucose ( a type of sugar) along with the nutrients taken from the soil to make new leaves and other parts of the plant.

By products of autotrophic nutrition are : carbohydrates and oxygen


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