What causes wind ?


Anitha Dunga : Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Answer : Gasses move from high pressure area to the low pressure area. This difference in pressure makes the air move from one side to the other side which is called wind. Wind is the movement of air caused by the difference of pressure on the earth surface. The higher the difference in pressure makes the fast movement of air from high pressure to low pressure areas.

  • Wind balances the atmosphere by transporting pressure, heat, cold, humidity etc. wind strength is related to the change in the pressure per unit distance. 

  • The heat of the atmosphere rises at the equator this causes the rise of air along with water vapor and moves towards the poles. This is called a low pressure system.

  • Cooler and dense air moves from poles to the equator to balance the heated air over the equator. This is called a high pressure system.

  • Heat that causes the air to rise. Rising air causes the heat to expand and cool down. This cooling causes the water vapor in the air to condense and form tiny droplets, these tiny droplets grow bigger to form clouds by more and more condensation.

  • The complex relationship between these two pressure systems is caused by the different kinds of winds and the weather patterns.

  • Wind that flows in a single direction is called the prevailing wind. 

  • Single direction winds that meet at one point are called convergence winds.

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