What evidence would you offer against the view that ‘tribes are primitive communities living isolated lives untouched by civilisation’?


Solution : There is no reason to believe that tribes have always been the oppressed sector of society or that they are cut off from the rest of the world. This is possible due to the following factors:

1.Central Indian Gond kingdoms, such as Garha Mandla or Chanda.

2.Many of central and western India’s Rajput kingdoms arose from a process of stratification within adivasi populations.

3.Adivasi had a lot of power over the plains people because of their raiding capabilities and their role as local militias.

4.They also traded forest commodities, salts, and elephants, occupying a unique commercial niche.

Evidence that tribes are primitive communities include the following: 

1.Tribes do not have a traditional state or political structure.

2.There are no documented religious precepts in place.

3.Neither Hindus nor peasants are they.

4.They mostly engage in activities such as food collecting, fishing, hunting, and agriculture.

5.Tribes are found in deep forests and mountainous areas.

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