What in your mind is the most effective agent of socialization for your generation? How do you think it was different before?


-Mamta Dey, Subject matter expert, Edumarz.

Solution: This answer can vary from person to person

In my mind in today’s world mass media is the most effective agent of socialization for our generation. Mass media has become an essential part of our everyday life .  Before coming up in the mass media family, peers were the socializing agent but now due to comin up of information technology people spend more time on televisions , phones and social media.

People nowadays have become too reliant on social media. Children nowadays have started to follow lifestyle and career options by taking inspiration from their favorite bloggers and influencers.People connect with new friends over social media. Not only children, in fact people from all age groups like men , women , old age people are dependent on mass media like newspapers, television, magazines to get information about the world by sitting in their room.

Due to globalization and modernization mass media has become a boon for the society because people are getting from one corner of the world to another coroner .It has helped to decrease the distance among the people. Unlike the premodern times when people had to find ways to get information about one another but after the coming of mass media the entire world is in one’s own hands.

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