What is communalism?


Solution:Communalism is a form of extreme chauvinism that is motivated by religious identification.

Chauvinism is a mindset that perceives one’s own group as the sole genuine or worthy group, while seeing other groups as inferior, illegitimate, and hostile.

1.Communalism is a violent political ideology related to religion, with a meaning that is unique to India or South Asia and differs from the common English definition.

In English, ‘communal’ refers to something that is tied to a community or collective rather than an individual. The English interpretation is neutral, whereas the South Asian interpretation is highly charged.

2.Communalism is a political movement, not a religious one. Despite the fact that communalists are deeply religious, there is no inherent link between personal belief and communalism. A communalist may or may not be a religious individual, and communalists may or may not be devout individuals.

3.Communalists build an aggressive political identity and are willing to criticize or attack anyone who does not share it.

One of the most essential characteristics of communalism is that religious identification takes precedence over all else, as well as the construction of enormous and diverse groupings as distinct and homogeneous.

4.Communal riots in our country include the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the Gujarat riots.

5.India, on the other hand, has a long history of religious plurality, ranging from peaceful coexistence to outright mingling or syncretism. The Bhakti and Sufi groups’ devotional songs and poetry reflect this syncretic history.

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