What is community identity and how is it formed?


Solution:1.Community identity is founded on birth and affiliation.Rather than acquired qualifications or accomplishments.

2.Ascriptive identities are those that are determined by birth and do not include the individual’s decision.

3.Belonging to a community gives people a great sense of security and joy.

4.Ascriptive identities, such as communal identities, are difficult to shed; even if we choose to renounce them, people may continue to associate us with those markers of belonging.

5.Expanding and overlapping circles of communal links such as family, kinship, ethnicity, and language give our world significance and identity.

6.Ascriptive identities and feelings of belonging to a community are universal. There is a motherland, a mother tongue, a family, and a faith for everyone. And we’re all equally dedicated to our individual identities.

7.Our community gives us our mother language as well as the cultural values that help us understand the world. It also serves as a foundation for our self-identity.

  1. The process of socialization entails ongoing communication with important people in our lives, such as our parents, relatives, family, and community. As a result, community is an essential component of our identity.
  2. Community disagreements are difficult to resolve because one side views the other as a feared foe, and there is a propensity to exaggerate both one’s own qualities and the vices of the other.

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