What is immunization?


-Priyanti, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution: Immunization is the process of introducing a vaccine in the body of a healthy person so that they develop immunity against the disease against which the vaccine had been formulated. The vaccine can be administered either orally or maybe injected into the body. Their purpose is to immunize healthy people against diseases they could contract in their lives. Immunization is of two main types:

Active immunization: In this category, a weakened antigenic preparation of the pathogen or a toxoid is administered. This stimulates the immune system to develop memory cells against this antigen and if the person actually becomes  infected, these memory cells recognise the virulent pathogen. This causes subsequent formation of T- and B-cells and large amounts of specific antibodies are generated, thus eliminating the invader.

Passive immunization: In this category, preformed antibodies or antitoxins are administered directly. These combat the antigens that exist, or might be introduced, in the body.

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