What is meant by cultural diversity? Why is India considered to be a very diverse country?


Solution:Rather than disparities, the phrase diversity connotes differences.

  • When we say that India is a country with a lot of cultural variety, we mean that it has a lot of diverse social groupings and communities.
  • A variety of social groupings and communities call this home. 
  • India is a pluralistic society with different cultural markers such as language, religion, sect, race, and caste. There is unity in diversity, yet it is becoming a challenge due to its overwhelming diversity.
  • When varied communities (linguistic communities, religious communities, sects, and so on) are also a part of a larger body like a nation, competition or conflict between them can cause problems.

Cultural diversity can provide issues due to the fact that cultural identities are extremely potent, able to elicit strong emotions and organize large groups of people.

  • Cultural differences are sometimes accompanied by economic and social inequality, further complicating matters.
  • Measures aimed at redressing disparities or injustices experienced by one community may elicit hostility from others.

When scarce resources such as water, jobs, or government cash must be shared, the situation becomes even worse.

  • The country has major challenges due to its diversity of languages and dialects, faiths, climate conditions, and topography.

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