What is reverberation? How can it be reduced?


The repeated multiple reflections of sound in any big enclosed space are known as reverberation.

The reverberation can be reduced by covering the ceiling and walls of the enclosed space with sound-absorbing materials, such as fibreboard, loose woolens, etc.

Reverberation and its advantages

Reverberation is the phenomenon of persistence of sound after it has been stopped due to multiple reflections from surfaces such as furniture, people, air, etc., within a closed surface.

  • Reverberations do wonders when it comes to musical symphonies and orchestra halls; when the right amount of reverberation is present, the sound quality gets enhanced drastically. This is the reason why sound engineers are appointed during the construction of these halls.


The reverberation phenomenon is utilized by the producers of living or recorded music to enhance sound quality. Several systems have been developed to produce and simulate reverberations. Chamber reverberator is one such example, where the sound is produced by a loudspeaker which is then picked by a microphone along with other effects of the reverb.

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