What is social exclusion?


Solution : Social exclusion refers to the various ways in which people might be cut off from full participation in society. The term “social exclusion” refers to a variety of reasons that restrict people or groups from having access to opportunities that are available to the majority of the community. Individuals must not only be able to feed, cloth, and house themselves in order to live an active life, but they must also have access to important services and goods like health, education, social security, insurance, transportation, banking, police, and the judiciary. Social exclusion is systematic and the result of societal structural features.

It’s crucial to remember that social exclusion is a result of circumstances beyond one’s control. It signifies that exclusion is carried out against people who are excluded will. For example, unlike the thousands of impoverished and homeless individuals sleeping on the streets and under bridges in cities, we will never see rich people sleeping on the sidewalks or under bridges.

It does not imply that the wealthy are denied access to pavements; they could easily acquire access if they so desired, but they chose not to. The rationale that the excluded group did not wish to participate is occasionally used to justify social exclusion. When exclusion prevents access to something valuable, the truth of such an argument is not clear.

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