What is the criterion for classification of organisms as belonging to the kingdom Monera or Protista?


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Solution: The kingdom Monera consists of  organisms which are unicellular and prokaryotic in nature. 

While the kingdom protista consists of organisms which are unicellular and eukaryotic in nature.

The classification of all the kingdoms are based on the complexity of cell structure, body organization, nutrition  and phylogenetic relationship. This classification system  consists of Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia.

The kingdom monera consists of primitive types of organisms. The organisms which do not have well developed nucleus and not a proper cellular structure. They don’t have cell organelles and not any division of labour. The kingdom monera contains the most primitive life form for example mycoplasma (most primitive form), amoeba,paramecium etc. 

The kingdom protista consists of higher than primitive forms of organisms. The organism has a well developed nucleus but they are unicellular in nature. Protista is divided along such groups- 

  • Animals like protists– which have the ability to move and are heterotrophs.

  • Plants like protists– which can prepare their food by the process of photosynthesis and are called autotrophs.

  • Fungi like protists– which have a cell wall along with cell membrane and can produce spores by reproduction.

So, Monera and Protista are differentiated with these features. Both belong to the group of unicellular organisms. 

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