What is the difference between a reflex action and walking?


Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz.

Solution: Reflex action it is an involuntary action taken place automatically in the response of external or internal stimuli.

Reflex action happens unknowingly in response to factors like suddenly touching a hot object, called stimulus. 

Walking is one of the activities we perform in day to day life and is totally under our mind’s control. 

Walking it is a voluntary action taken which is within our control and needs thinking.  

The difference between reflex action and walking:

Reflex action


It is spontaneous and involuntary action in the response of stimuli.

Walking is voluntary action.

Generally reflex actions are carried out and transmitted by the spinal cord but can also be initiated by the brain.

It is regulated by the brain and requires thinking.

It cannot be controlled by regulation consciously. 

It is under control and hence can be altered or modified.  

It is involved in a fight or flight type of conditions and used for survival and defence of organs or organisms. 

It is just one of the activities performed by an organism.

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