What is the difference between the manner in which movement takes place in a sensitive plant and the movement in our legs?


Anitha Dunga : Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz

Solution : movement is the action of changing its place whether it is moving from one place to another place or it may be the movement there itself.

Difference between the manner of movement in sensitive plants and movement of legs in animals.

Movement in sensitive plants

Movement in our legs

Movement in sensitive plants is voluntary action.

Movement in our legs is also a voluntary action.

Movement in response to touch in some plants like mimosa pudica.

Movement in response to stimulus from surroundings.

From this movement, the information is transmitted through electrochemical signals from one cell to the other cell.

Signals or stimuli are transmitted from legs to the brain.

Plants don’t have specialized tissue for conduction of impulses.

Humans have some specialized tissues for the conduction of impulse

For the movement the plants change their shape by changing the water amount in them.

For the movement our legs do

 not change their structure. Humans have muscle cells which have proteins involved in movement.

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