What is the greenhouse effect?


-Kumudinee, Subject Matter Expert at Edumarz.

Solution:  Greenhouse effect can be defined as a natural process by which sun radiations are absorbed by greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapours, methane and other gases) and not reflected back into space providing insulation to earth surface and preventing freezing. 

  • About 30% of the sunlight falling on the earth is reflected and scattered back into space but the heat caused by infrared radiation is absorbed by greenhouse gases, which slows its escape from the atmosphere. 

  • Greenhouse gases regulate climatic conditions by trapping heat and holding it in a kind of warm-air blanket that surrounds the planet surface. 

  • Causes of greenhouse effect:  excessive combustion of fossil fuel, deforestation, industrial revolution can cause extra heating of the planet resulting in global warming.

Global warming is a serious climatic issue caused by increased greenhouse effect.

According to scientists even a small increase in global warming would lead to significant climate and weather changes, affecting cloud cover, precipitation, wind pattern, the frequency and severity of storms and the duration of seasons.  

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