What is the need for a system of control and coordination in an organism?


Supriya SME at Edumrz

Solution: In all organisms in order to have a balanced life to run, a system is very important and required to control and coordinate every single part of the body. Because with any coordination things will eventually collapse with each other and fail to deliver any benefit for the system. There are few important points listed below to understand the need of system :

1.first and foremost important need is to save the body from harmful adverse reactions which can be seen as fatal in  organisms without the control.also to save the body form any change whether from  outer environment or inner environmental change.

2. To have the capacity to and reflect accordingly eg. Our nervous system produces a systematic response first by receiving signals  when our heart or our body get stimulated by any other harmful event, our reflex action immediately works and  then gives us instructions on what to do in that situation.

3. To control the speed of voluntary and involuntary action.

4. For the development and growth of the organsism.

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